Saturday, November 8, 2008


So we haven't been up to anything to exciting in the last month, just SUPER busy with school and work! But the semester is almost over!! For our friday night fun we always go to the football game, the guy's like to give me a hard time because I bring my books and study the whole time!! I also got to watch my little neice the other day she's getting so big and cute!! I just love her!

Kate & I at the football game! It was Freezing!!

I love this pic of Zack and Rhett!!

The cutest Little pumpkin ever!!!

I love this Pic!!!! She's so cute!


William and Marianne said...

cute pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss ya!

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

We have yet to make it to a USU football team, cant find a babysitter, mainly because we have no family and know no one. But I am not sure it is a real lose, since you know how awful their football team is. I cant believe Eugene is actually attending a school where there football team blows, you know his love for football!!