Thursday, October 9, 2008

St. George Marathon

Thanks Mom, Sis, and Dana for being there for us!
The races wouldn't be the same without them!
Love you guys!
Last Weekend we got to go to St. George to run the marathon! It was alot of fun and rained on us the whole race! I love running with my dad! It was a really great trip! Can't wait for the next one! I love spending time with the fam! Thanks for the great trip mom and dad!!

The runners the night before the marathon

Finishing with Dad!!

How cool is it to have a dad that runs! Your awsesome dad!

One word for you "endless shrimp!" (Yuk!!) but they do have good chicken Driving home. I was so glad Zack was able to come to this race. It was so nice to have him there!


Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Super congrats on running in the marathon, I have toyed with training for one. But since I have not worked out since Cole was born oh almost five years ago and two emergency c-sections later I am little or a lot terrified to get back into the exercising mode. I need to just do it though! So whats new, what are you doing in NM?

Hank and Paula said...

Hey Mellani! Way to go on the marathon. you are amazing and how cool is that that your dad runs with you? Very impressive. I need to do something I'm feeling pretty gross these days. St. George is so pretty too. What a fun weekend. See you Sunday.

ivan mclaws said...

ya sorry about not going, i have an addiction! its called fishing!i seriously lose sleep at night cause all i think about is fishing fishing! but congradulations on the run! herd it rained on ya, thats a good picture of you and zack. ya let me know where that place to fish is. is it the san juan river?

William & Marianne said...

congrats!! good job! you look so fit girl!! =)
my dad is jealous and is now starting to train himself so he can run.... oh boy!! =) hope christina and i dont get dragged into this! =0 hehe

ivan mclaws said...

ok need somethin new come on now!!! :}

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

okay so I need a little insight. Now that i am back in school I am really really leaning towards finishing my hygiene. Probably crazy with three little ones, but I want your take. Why did you go all the way to NM? And anything else you can offer. My email is