Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree!!

Last Weekend we went and cut down the Christmas tree! I love going to get the tree. The only thing is is sometimes the tree looks smaller in the forest than it does in the house!

This is the tree we picked!! We had to cut some more off when we got home so it could stand up in the house!

My two cute nephews! We found a little tree for them to cut ,too!

Papa, Zack, and the boys! Doin' what they do best!

So we went this place to take the boys fishing and they had these picture things! I love this pic. I think it's so funny!! What a goof!

These boys are so funny!


William and Marianne said...

those pics are hilarious! looks like fun! =)

William and Marianne said...

hey again!! i have a question!!!!
first, what is your guys' address?? i need it for christmas cards.
second, what is dallens address? do you have it?
third, what is tanners address????
i need address apparently so when you can will you let me know!
thanks and merry christmas!!!!